Arriving at Hotel Bergkristall

During the winter holidays in Oberlech, guests can enjoy the picturesque snowy landscape, free from noise and emissions, as the village is car-free. Upon arrival, you can conveniently park in the underground garage in Lech, while your luggage is seamlessly delivered to Hotel Bergkristall. Reaching Oberlech is a breeze with the cable car, operating from 7:00 to midnight, and there's a 24-hour taxi service for those who prefer to explore the night.

Arriving by car? Use the free route planner offered by Google Maps. For drivers, especially on Saturdays and weekends during the peak season, we strongly advise avoiding the sections between Feldkirch and Lech, as well as Imst and Lech, due to the risk of traffic congestion between 09:30 and 14:00. Winter tires are mandatory, and it's also wise to carry snow chains in case of snow-covered roads. Austrian highways are subject to tolls. Vignettes can be purchased at border crossings, gas stations, post offices, tobacco shops, your automobile club, and Lech Zürs Tourismus. For pricing information on highway vignettes, please visit asfinag.at/maut/vignette.

Hotel Bergkristall enjoys a strategic location with proximity to various airports that grant access to both European and international destinations. The closest option is Altenrhein Airport in Switzerland, situated just 100 km away, primarily serving European routes. In Austria, Innsbruck Airport (120 km) offers a selection of European flight connections. Additionally, within Germany, you can consider Friedrichshafen Airport (130 km) and Memmingen Airport (180 km), which also provide access to European destinations. For those planning international journeys, Zurich Airport in Switzerland (200 km), Munich Airport in Germany (300 km), and Milan Airport in Italy (330 km) are accessible options, serving a wide array of global destinations.

Railway station Langen am Arlberg: 15 km | regular taxi connection and bus connection (bus line 91) | duration of transfer approx. 20 minutes Railway station St. Anton am Arlberg: 20 km | regular taxi connection and bus (bus line 92) | duration of transfer: approx. 30 minutes Information on how to get there by train and tickets can be found at www.oebb.at.