Champagne meets Mediterranean classics

Indulge in an exclusive midday retreat at our iconic sun terrace, the ultimate hotspot for gourmands! Here, a world of epicurean delights unfolds before you. Picture ice-cold champagne, delicate oysters, and luxurious caviar, complemented by creative Mediterranean dishes – all of this amidst the embrace of golden sunrays and the glistening snow.

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The extraordinary experience

Who says winter always has to be cold and gloomy? On sunny days, our sun-kissed terrace transports you to a Mediterranean haven. Surrounded by the breathtaking mountain scenery, our sun terrace becomes an oasis of Mediterranean culinary delights. Are you a fan of the extraordinary? The Bergkristall Terrace is a true gem for gourmands. Culinary highlights like oysters, lobster, and steaks, in combination with the warming sunbeams, guarantee a mood-lifting experience. Should the weather turn chilly, or snowflakes descend, you can still enjoy our dishes within the cozy confines of our restaurant.

Opening hours:
  • daily from 12.00


A culinary journey

Embark on a culinary adventure and explore a world of flavours. From delicious pasta and succulent steaks to fresh catches of fish and delicate seafood, your taste buds are in for a one-of-a-kind journey. Naturally, we also pay homage to Austrian treasures such as the classic Wiener Schnitzel and hearty Käsespätzle. Depending on the daily market offerings, we serve delicious dishes such as Tagliolini with truffles, seafood spaghetti, premium rib-eye or Tomahawk steaks, as well as seafood and fish specialties like Branzino in a salt crust or lobster. Anticipation is the sweetest pleasure – take a glimpse at our menu.


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