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Want to be pampered properly? Then treat yourself to a relaxing massage and let your soul unwind.

Our great massages promote circulation and vitality. Enjoy a treatment in our SPA area with a wonderful view over the mountains.

We offer classic partial and full body massages, special massages for head and feet, and even hot stone massages. You decide which massage you want.

Switch off from the stress of the everyday and enjoy a pleasant relaxation treatment for your whole body.

Tip: Book your treatments free of stress before your holiday, so that we can arrange requested treatments at the time you prefer.

Our services


Partial massage

For neck, back or legs, the musculature system will be relaxed and the tension released.Duration: ca. 25 min

massage auszug

Full body massage

The blood circulation of the whole body will be enhanced and by that also the removal of the waste substances. By this massage technique all the tensions in the musculature system of the arms, legs and back will be released and balanced.Duration: ca. 50 min


Relaxing massage

Pleasant relaxing treatment for your arms, legs, back, abdomen (if you wish also face and décoltée) with warm oil and essence of your choice.Duration: ca. 50 min


Special head massage

In this massage we will treat your neck, shoulder area and facial shiatsu points. At the end of this massage it is essential to have a deep relaxation. Recommended with stressful situations and migraine.Duration: ca. 25 min


Foot and leg massage

Relaxing and pleasant massage, also stimulates the blood circulation.Duration: ca. 25 min

kopf massage duo


Combination of Relaxing – Foot Massage and Special Head Massage.Duration: ca. 50 min


Intensive treatment

mud pack (25 min.) and partial back massage (25 min.), neck and shoulders. A high-quality mud pack from the Leopoldskron moor near Salzburg contains not only valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals, but above all humic acids. It effectively combats inflammation, detoxifies and deacidifies. This beneficial treatment is rounded off by a soothing back massage.Duration: ca. 50 min

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

In this treatment we use warm oil and warm lava stones. By laying the stones on the energy centres you will feell calm and your body and soul will be balanced. This massage enhances the lymph flow and the metabolism within the tissue and is helpful with the headaches and aching muscles.Duration: ca. 60 min

Maria Galland


body peelings help to detoxify your body and loose weight, remove stalled skin cells and help the care ingredients to infiltrate. Your skin is smooth and silky and your body will get balanced brown colour in the sun. A perfect combination with a concluding full body massage. Peeling with sea salt (refreshing) or honey (hydrating).Duration: ca. 30 min

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